Live At Hub City Vinyl

28 East Baltimore Street, Hagerstown, MD 21740

Hagerstown, MD, US, 21740

Channeling the spirit and improvisational brilliance of Jerry Garcia, this jam band has unforgettable, nostalgia-infused music.

“Necessity is the mother of invention”

The Jerry Tripsters came into being as a cobbled-together ensemble formed on the spot to fill an empty slot at a local Grateful Dead festival. Not only had they never rehearsed, but some members had never even met. However, from the first song played together the chemistry was undeniable, the audience wanted more, and the band was eager to oblige.

Members of the Jerry Tripsters come from some of the most accomplished Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia tribute acts in the DC/MD/VA region including Splintered Sunlight, Better Off Dead, On The Bus, Stewbone, and the DC Mystery Cats.  Their canvas is the extensive work of Jerry Garcia with a focus on the Jerry Garcia Band, but they add their own special flavor to the songs that have been the soundtrack to many of our lives.  

As Jason Herman from DC Music Review says “It should be stated that this band is not a note-for-note tribute to the music of Jerry Garcia. What differentiates this band from others is that the performance embraces and is true to the original works, yet more readily welcomes the jam exploration by each artist on stage.  The Jerry Tripsters were meant to be playing together.” 

When you come to see a Jerry Tripsters show, we can promise you three things:   

Joy:  The smiles of the band members and audience are ever-present and infectious.   

Jam:  With the wink of an eye or a sly nod, The Tripsters are not afraid to take songs in unexplored musical directions.   

Jerry:   The Tripsters dig deep into the Jerry Garcia catalog while focusing on the all-time favorites that the audience knows and loves.

Like all good trips, The Jerry Tripsters don’t know where the journey will take them but there will surely be many adventures along the way.  We invite you along for the ride.